Dating lingo bbc

The Oxford English Dictionary says the following mark (":— ") is entitled "the dog’s bollocks", it is defined as, "typogr.a colon followed by a dash, regarded as forming a shape resembling the male sexual organs." The usage is cited to the year 1949.

This base also forms the root of many other words, including "phallus".Below "Bollocks" were "bastard", "bitch" and "damn", in eighth, ninth and tenth places.for example: "Don't listen to him, he's talking bollocks", or "...talking absolute bollocks".The relative severity of the various profanities, as perceived by the British public, was studied on behalf of the Broadcasting Standards Commission, Independent Television Commission, BBC and Advertising Standards Authority.The results of this jointly commissioned research were published in December 2000 in a paper called "Delete Expletives? By comparison, the word "balls" (which has some similar meanings) was down in 22nd place.

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